How an Australian police officer could be prosecuted for killing his wife

Police in Australia’s Western Australian state of Western Australia are facing an investigation after the man’s body was found in a bush in October.

The man’s wife, a nurse, was found with a bullet wound to her head and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Her husband had previously told police that she had been assaulted.

Police have not confirmed what caused the husband to kill his wife, but said in a statement on Tuesday that they had opened an investigation into the death.

“This is an ongoing investigation into what happened on the day of the murder, and will include the use of DNA testing,” the statement said.

It added that police were also conducting “an extensive review of the circumstances surrounding the husband’s death and any subsequent events”.

The ABC’s Ben Geddes reported that police have confirmed that the husband is the officer who killed his wife.

Officers have not said if they have made any arrests.

According to the West Australian Police Association’s website, the WA Police Force was established in 1949.

An internal police inquiry was launched in January this year into the man who allegedly shot his wife before leaving the scene and then allegedly killed himself.

He has not been charged.

West Australian police said that the investigation into his wife’s death is ongoing and that officers were still awaiting a report from the coroner into her death.

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