A new wave of bike trailer modifications is on the rise

The world’s biggest bicycle trailer manufacturers have released a flurry of new products, with the likes of King Cycles and Bicycles making big moves. 

But the most impressive of these has been the bike trailer for the BMW R8.

The R8 is a fully equipped bike that has a bike trailer, and it has the ability to change its shape to make it look anything from a traditional double decker to a super-duper-duped hybrid.

It has a wide range of colours to choose from, from dark orange to gold, and the R8 also has an extra door to make the ride even more attractive.

The R8 has been designed to be able to carry a maximum of 200kg of cargo and will come in three different shapes, the R10, R11 and R12.

The bike trailer can be changed to fit the bike as well as the wheels and tyres, but there’s a little more flexibility than that, too. 

To make things easier, there’s an easy to use toolkit that lets you change the trailer in less than 30 seconds. 

Here’s what you need to know about bike trailer mods, and how to get started.

The Bike Trailer Modification Kit: The R10 comes in three coloursThe R11 has the doors opened to make it easier to access the rear wheelThe R12 has a small door to access all of the internal partsThe R16 has the roof opened to make for a longer range of optionsThe R18 has the interior panels pulled out and the rear door closedThe R24 is an extra-wide front axle that you can fit onto the rear axle of the R12The R20 has a more standard front axleThe R25 has a smaller rear axle, and has a door openingThe R30 is a more traditional double-deckerThe R35 has a wider rear axleThe S30 comes with the rear wheels removed and is a slightly smaller R12Bike trailer modifications are very popular and the bikes are easy to make, but they’re a big investment for many people.

There’s a reason why they’re so popular, and this mod is the result of an experiment by bike trailer manufacturer King Cycle.

King Cyclones bikes are built to last, and they’ve been able to do this by creating a series of prototypes that are then put to the test in the real world.

The first bike trailer to be built was the R1, which was a standard double decked double-ended trailer that was able to transport between 10 to 20kg of equipment. 

King Cycles founder Mike Taylor and the team started out by modifying one of the existing bike trailers to make a modified R8 prototype. 

“It was an exercise in making something that looked like a real trailer,” he said.

“And I had to design it from scratch, so I didn’t have any previous experience with trailer design.”

“I started with the R9, and then I got a little bit further, because the R7 was a little too small to fit, so the R6 was just a bit too long.”

The R1 prototype was able to haul a maximum weight of 20kg, but was only able to take around 5kg off the back of the trailer.

“We had the R11 for a long time, but it was just too large,” Taylor said. 

He decided to change the R4 prototype into a modified version of the same trailer. 

When the R3 prototype was modified into a R8, the team had to start from scratch and build the R16 prototype from scratch. 

It was also possible to do it with the bike and the trailer being on the same car. 

And that was where the idea for a custom trailer came about. 

The team used the same R8 prototypes that had been modified to be fitted to a range of different bikes, including the new King Cyclone. 

While the bike trailers have been modified on the R2, R4, R5 and R6 prototypes, the King Cyc bikes are designed for the R18 prototype.

“I wanted to make sure that there’s something that’s durable, and that it’s capable of surviving the test,” Taylor explained.

“So I modified the R13 prototype to fit on a R16, and we had to do that on a custom-built bike that was basically a fork lift and a fork extension.” 

The bike trailer was designed to have the right amount of stability to take on the toughest roads and to take on the most tough weather. There are a few other modifications the team has made to the R17 prototype that are still being tested. 

One of the main changes is the fact that the rear seat has been removed. 

This is so that when you change your bike, it can go up or down, and