How to get your own personal ‘dairy farm’ in your home city

A vegan dairy farm has been set up in your local town and its owners are using it to make vegan ice cream.

The Farm Sanctuary is a one-man operation with an aim to create a vegan food production chain in the UK.

The farm is a collaboration between Vegan Outreach, a UK-based non-profit organization, and the UK’s only dairy farm, the Millers Farm in Croydon, in London.

The project has been named the first vegan ice creams in the world by Food & Wine Magazine.

The dairy farm uses a process called microbial composting to convert the organic matter in the waste from animal waste to animal fat.

The resulting product is vegan icecream.

The Milkman Farm is owned by the Millys and is currently being run by the vegan owner, Mike Millerton.

The milks produced by the dairy are used in the production of milk, cheese, yoghurt and eggs.

The cows live at the Millies Farm, but can be seen in the video above.

The Millys farm is the only vegan farm in the country to produce dairy-free ice cream on a large scale.

“It’s a really, really good thing for the environment, the environment in general, and it’s also a good thing that the vegan community can come together and support the milkman farm,” Millerton told the BBC.

“There are no rules about what dairy cows can and can’t do, but the cow can be used for composting, which is a very organic process.”

“It is very important for the cows to be able to go on and be milked,” Millertons son Daniel Millerton said.

“They are not used for food or for human consumption, but they are a very important part of our farm’s life.”

The Millies have previously said the dairy farm is only a small part of the farm and that the farm will soon expand.

The first cows are expected to be milking by the end of the year.

“We are trying to grow the milk to make ice cream,” Millartons son told the media.

The milkman dairy farm will produce vegan ice-cream in the following regions of the UK: Cornwall, Greater Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Sheffield, Manchester, Reading and Cardiff. “

The idea is to be creating the dairy products that are going to be exported and that are vegan.”

The milkman dairy farm will produce vegan ice-cream in the following regions of the UK: Cornwall, Greater Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Sheffield, Manchester, Reading and Cardiff.

“Our goal is to become a global food source for dairy farmers and people with a vegan diet,” Mills father Daniel Millerton told the Huffington Post UK.

“That’s what we are trying for.

We are going after a very small portion of the world’s vegan diet, but we want to help it grow.”

The dairy milks are currently being processed in a lab in Cornwall, but Millertson said he is looking to produce ice cream using dairy-derived nutrients from the cows.

“When we go into the dairy barn, we use organic feed that’s produced from local animals,” Millarts son said.

The milk and cheese are then shipped across the world to a factory in the United States, where it is processed for sale to the vegan market.

“So far, we have bought enough organic milk and cheeses to feed our entire family,” Millings son said of the dairy operation.

“And I’ve been really lucky that we’ve been able to be part of a vegan milking operation in Cornwall.”

The Milkmans dairy farm opened in 2013, and now employs 150 people, according to the BBC, who work a range of jobs, including dairy farming and processing.

It also produces cheese and ice cream, as well as making vegan ice and coffee.

The plant is set to be closed in 2020, but is expected to reopen as soon as the Millie family can afford to renovate the barn.

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