Bikes, wheels and more, the first time for all

A new breed of bike modifications is now taking over the bike industry.

In an industry where bikes are getting smaller, the bike headlight modification has grown in popularity.

The first time that’s ever happened in Australia is back in the mid 1990s.

A woman in her early 20s is on a mountain bike when she sees a light coming from her bike and a red light coming down the road behind her.

“I turn around and there’s a guy on the bike and I’m going to kill him.

I’m like ‘that’s not a good look,'” she said.

The red light on her bike, which is part of the ‘Red Lights for Cyclocross’ campaign, shows her which way to go.

This is the moment that the bike owner is looking to change a light, in this case the green light.

She then goes into a shop and changes the bike’s front wheel to a more suitable size and the light changes.

At the same time, she’s also using her mobile phone to call the police to report the offender.

Police in South Australia’s central city of Goolwa are now using the technology.

It’s a small step for a new industry, but it’s important for the safety of cyclists and motorists.

More stories from Victoria:Cyclocross Australia president Andrew Lomas says the trend is catching on across the state.

“[It’s] just really interesting to see a lot of people going for this and seeing the positive response from it,” he said.”[They’re] a lot safer than cars and cyclists are just more likely to run red lights.”

The Australian Motorcyclist Association (AMCA) is also supportive of the change.

While some riders prefer not to be seen with a light on their bike, they are happy to help out others.

They have also been using it in the past to help with maintenance and make sure their bike is properly maintained.

Cyclist James Taylor says he’s happy to be able to help cyclists fix their bike lights.

He said he was happy to take a light off and get it fixed.

“It’s really good because you don’t have to be really bothered about the lighting,” he explained.

“You don’t feel like you have to worry about it.”

The bike light campaign has also helped cyclists with their lights.

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