Bike modifications law: What you need to know

Here are the details of a proposed state law that would make it a crime to modify or alter a bicycle, a motorcycle or a scooter.

It would also make it an infraction to do so while riding in a vehicle.

This would make riding in the vehicle illegal.

Initiatives are afoot to pass a bill that would allow for the manufacture and sale of bike modifications.

It was introduced by State Senator Brian T. O’Neill (D-Fairfield) in March, and he said in a press release on Thursday that the legislation was designed to protect bicyclists.

Towards that end, the bill would prohibit the manufacturing, sales, transport, use, distribution, possession or sale of any bike modification device or accessory that requires or permits the user to ride a bicycle with a motorized device other than the device’s motorized gear.

It also would prohibit any other device that permits the use of a motor or other motorized devices, such as a motorcycle, scooter or other bicycle.

The bill would also ban the manufacturing or sale, transport or use of any device that requires a person to ride or drive a bicycle without a helmet, without gloves, without a seatbelt, without an electric motor or motorized bicycle equipment.

The legislation would also prohibit the use, manufacture, sale, transfer or manufacture of any bicycle modification device that allows a person riding a bicycle to cause a bicyclist to travel in a manner that makes the bicycle unsafe or in a reckless manner.

The Senate Judiciary Committee on Friday approved the legislation, which will go to the full Senate for consideration.

The bills aims to bring more stability to the state’s bike transportation landscape and make the bike more affordable, according to a press statement issued by the Senate Judiciary Commission.

The commission is the Senate’s legislative oversight body and is charged with overseeing the legislative process and the process of approving or disapproving legislation, according a press advisory.

The full Senate will now have to take up the bill, which is expected to pass with a final vote of 13-0.

It will then head to the Assembly where a final decision will be made.

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