Yamaha Modular Yamaha Modular Bike Review

Yamaha is no stranger to modifying its existing products, but this new Yamaha Modulier bike looks like a complete, stripped down beast.

It’s also incredibly light, with a weight of just 498 pounds, which is good considering it’s the first time this kind of bike has been offered.

It has all the features you would expect from a Yamaha model, including a folding rear seat, a high-capacity water bottle holder, a cargo rack and a carbon fiber front end.

However, the best part about the Moduliers is its cargo capacity: it can carry a whopping 27 pounds of luggage for around $500.

While we didn’t take the Modular to the track, we found it to be a capable performer, with the rear seat folding forward for easy storage and the rear end being incredibly stable, thanks to the front suspension and an incredibly lightweight suspension fork.

The bike has a front end that is super light and responsive, and while it’s not particularly quick, we never experienced any problems getting the bike around the track.

The wheels are all of the standard rubber and aluminum options, and they’re all reasonably well-maintained, with no rust or corrosion to be found on either the wheels or frame.

While the Modules price isn’t the highest, the quality is definitely worth it, and the weight and size of the bike makes it a must-have for any serious motocross racer. [Yamaha]