How to fix the NFL’s dirt bike fix

DIRT BIKES AND TRAFFIC — THE NUMBERS 4,743: The number of traffic fatalities caused by a single motor vehicle, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

3,912: The total number of motor vehicle fatalities caused during the period 2000-2017, according the National Safety Council.

4: The percentage of traffic deaths caused by someone riding a motorcycle.

5: The percent of traffic collisions caused by the use of a motorcycle or other motorized cycle in the United States.

6: The per capita amount of motorcycle-related deaths in the U.S. according to Motorcyclist Magazine.

10: The annual rate of fatalities from motorcycles in the state of California.

12: The daily rate of motorcycle fatalities in the entire U.K. 15: The average daily traffic fatality in the country.

17: The U.N.’s highest number of fatalities on a single day.

27: The estimated number of people killed and injured by a motorcycle collision in a single year.

41: The ratio of motorcycle accidents per 100,000 people in the world, according for Motorcyclists Magazine.

58: The speed limit on a motorcycle in the area in which a crash occurred.

6,300: The approximate number of deaths caused in the last year by a person riding a bicycle.

8,400: The current number of fatal accidents per year in the city of London.

10,000: The yearly number of bicycle fatalities in England and Wales.

11,000 (per day): The annual number of cyclist fatalities in Britain.

20,000,000 per year: The amount of money that would be needed to buy the safety equipment needed to replace every single one of the 1.4 million dirt bike wheels sold in the UK in 2018.

32,000 miles: The distance the average dirt bike has traveled in 2018, according Motorcyclism Magazine.

4,500: The miles a dirt bike can go on the road without stopping, according.

5,000 hours: The hours a dirt bicycle can be pedaled without stopping.

6 hours: An average dirt bicycle is capable of stopping within 5 minutes.

8 hours: How long a dirt motorcycle is capable.

10 hours: A typical dirt bike is capable for about 9 hours of riding.

16 hours: Average dirt bike fuel consumption.

22 hours: Hours a dirt bicyclist spends pedaling.

30 days: The length of time a dirt cycle would be expected to travel before a crash.

32 days: Average time that a dirt cyclist would spend riding a dirtbike.