Bike modding forum Quora question: Can you make a folding bike?

How to make a motorcycle or a scooter?

A folding bike would allow you to move your seat in the opposite direction of the bike frame and, therefore, allow you better handling and safety.

Quora user SoweyKun said that, while a motorcycle and scooter are very different machines, the two are similar enough to make them interchangeable.

“So if you’re making a folding scooter, you can’t just use the same frame,” Sowerykun wrote.

“You need to make the frame as close to the scooter frame as possible.”

If you’re designing a motorcycle, you’ll need to take into account the shape of the frame. 

“If you’re looking for something to fit on a bike, you need to find the perfect balance between the proportions of a motorcycle frame and a scooters frame,” he wrote. 

Soweryb wrote that if you are using an inexpensive frame like a single-frame motorcycle, the folding scooters would be ideal.

But, if you plan to buy a custom frame like one from a builder, you might want to consider an affordable frame like the one from KTM, which is available in many colors.

“I think the best thing about the folding bike is that it can be modified for different purposes,” Sowsykun added.

“It is possible to fold up a motorcycle into a scoot without having to worry about it being damaged.”

Quora user “Tiny” wrote that he was curious about folding scots bikes and wanted to know what he could do to make his own folding bike. 

Tiny wrote that, when he was a kid, he made a scot bike out of a single sheet of plywood, then folded it up into a “big frame.”

“It was actually my first folding bike,” Tiny wrote.

I am also trying to learn how to make my own folding scot, which I think would be a great way to get the most out of my bike.

I’m also planning to get a folding motorcycle someday.

“For now, it is possible that folding scottish bikes will be popular and I can see myself making a big frame with it, but I would also love to make an affordable folding scoto for my family.”

Tiny said he would be interested in making a scott bike with a folding frame.

He would be able to use it for everything from riding to riding lessons.

“For a folding bicycle, it would be possible to put your legs inside the frame and your wheels under the frame, but the bike would still have to be as wide as a motorcycle,” Tiny said.

“In terms of weight, you would need to use a larger frame, like a mountain bike, but you would still be able fit your legs under the bike.

For me, the most fun aspect would be getting the best out of the scot.”

TinkererTinkel said he’d be interested to see what other people are doing with folding bikes. 

He wrote that his favorite folding bike he made is a folding motorbike.

“This is the best one I’ve ever made,” Tinkerer wrote.

It has a folding handlebars and a telescopic seat.

“The biggest thing is that you have to keep your legs underneath the frame so you can fold the scoot up,” Tinkel said. 

The most challenging part of the project is getting the frame right.

“When I make a scrotum bike, I have to make sure that the front wheel is perfectly straight and that the rear wheel is straight,” Tink said.

Tinkel also had to figure out how to adjust the seat and seatpost height to get his scoot on the bike properly. 

You can see Tinkel’s project here: The scot folding bike can be seen in action at More quora questions about folding bikes:  http://www,

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