Motorcycle Tours Bike Mods: What to look for when buying a bike

A new generation of tour bikes is set to hit the road soon.

And while they’re still only a few years away from the mainstream, there are already some notable modifications that will give your new ride an edge.

Read More to be added, so you’ll have plenty of options to pick from.

But for those looking to spend more, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular bike mods for those who want a more versatile ride.

The Trek Factory FZ750W Tourbikes, which debuted in 2016, have become the standard for touring bikes.

They feature a carbon fibre frame, a titanium fork, and an aluminum front hub.

The fork can be customized with a drop-in dropper post, as well as a more traditional front brake.

The FZ75W Tourbike features an alloy fork, aluminum alloy seatpost, and carbon fibre seatpost.

The Trek Factory Tourbike has an aluminum fork and an aluminium alloy seat post.

The FZ650W TourBikes feature a titanium frame and a carbon fork.

The carbon fork adds a more conventional front brake, while the titanium fork adds an aluminium frame.

The bike can also be equipped with a dropper fork and a drop in dropper.

The frame is also capable of using an aluminum alloy hub.

Read more about bikes »The Trek FZ700Bikes are the next generation of touring bikes, and feature a steel frame and carbon fork that are also customizable.

The forks can be upgraded with drop-out dropper posts or carbon fibre hubs.

The Yamaha XS 650 Tourbikis an evolution of the FZ 650.

The new bikes feature a black fork, a black front hub, and a titanium hub.

The ZX650W, a Trek Factory XS650 Tourbiker, features a titanium-alloy frame, and the fork is made of carbon fibre.

The bike is also equipped with drop in drop in front brakes.

The Kawasaki ZX1030Bikes, the new flagship Trek Factory bike, is a hybrid bike that uses carbon fibre and titanium to build a more aerodynamic frame.

The frame can be modified to use drop in drops, drop in brake disc brakes, or drop in single speed brakes.

The bikes also come with a titanium stem.

Read about bike models »The new Kawasaki KZ1030 Tourbicycles feature a lightweight titanium frame, carbon fork, carbon stem, and drop in brakes.

It’s easy to pick out the differences between the various bikes on this list, and they’re all designed to fit in your pockets.

The difference between the Trek Factory Bikes and the other touring bikes comes down to their seatpost options, as Trek is using a carbon seatpost for the Tourbikers, and for the Kawasaki the seatpost is an alloy hub instead.

The most popular Trek Factory touring bikes are the Trek Fz750W, the Kawara FZ150W, and Yamaha FZ1060 Tourbikkys.

Each of these bikes is capable of going from zero to 60mph in just 3.9 seconds.

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