I found a monkey bike mod that I use to build my own monkey motorcycle

I’ve always had a passion for modifying my own motorcycles.

I’ve built some pretty exotic machines with my friends, but I’ve never had one of my own build me a motorcycle.

The bike I’ve been building since I was in high school was the S-Modo Monkey, which I was very lucky to find at a motorcycle auction in 2007.

The thing I love about the S is that it’s a bike that I can customize as I see fit, but it also gives me the opportunity to modify parts that I don’t want to change the internals of the bike.

The S-modo Monkey was a beast of a bike.

It was the first motorcycle I ever owned, and it had an incredibly fast gearbox that was capable of handling just about any type of riding position, including full-on back-breaking riding in the rain.

This bike also had a solid build quality, so if I ever want to repair something on the bike, I’m going to have a lot of fun and the bike will last me for decades.

But then something changed.

The monkey started showing some obvious signs of wear and tear, and the owner had decided to retire it.

The new owner had the misfortune of having a friend who had built the bike and was very knowledgeable about bikes.

He took it apart and told me all about it.

I bought the bike from him and it was great.

I’m sure it would have been even better if I had known how to modify it, but at the time, I wasn’t interested.

I’m now a father, but the bike has been sitting in my garage ever since.

I had hoped to have it restored, but that didn’t happen.

So now I’m starting to get worried that something’s wrong with it.

So I decided to take it to a mechanic to get it serviced.

I knew I would need to modify the engine, but when I looked in the manual, it was written that I should only be able to do that if I bought a new engine.

So what I did was take a cheap, stock, used engine, swap the stock fuel tank, replace the radiator and engine cover, and replace the front fender with a new one.

I then replaced the headlight assembly with a modified one and the front bumper with a custom one that I bought from a shop in a garage sale.

The entire bike was now my motorcycle, but this was the beginning of the end for me.

So I contacted my local mechanic, Joe, and he told me that I needed to be very careful because he was doing a paint job on the front of the car.

It looks like he’s painting it in the car and the paint is starting to show through.

It is going to look like this in a few weeks.

I am worried about how much damage this will do to the paint, so I decided that I had to call Joe back and ask him if he wanted to do the job on my bike.

He said he could take it and paint it, and then he’d pay for it.

He told me I needed a mechanic with a good understanding of motorcycle maintenance, and I thought that was the best idea.

Joe took me to his shop, which is a little down the road from my home in Houston, Texas.

It’s not the cheapest place I could go for repairs, but Joe is the kind of guy who knows his way around a motorcycle and is very patient.

I was able to find a mechanic who was willing to take my bike to Joe for the paint job, and Joe let me put the engine and front fenders on for the job.

The paint job he did on the car was pretty impressive, and after Joe took the engine off and replaced the radiator, the bike looked brand new.

It looked a lot like the original, but now it was a little worn.

I thought that the bike was done, and that Joe had given it a good job.

I got back home, took the bike out for a drive, and was impressed with the engine.

I noticed that the tires were a little different than what I remembered from the original bike.

I asked Joe if he could do a new tire.

He agreed and gave me the order for a new front tire.

It took me a few days to get the front tire and the engine out, but after that, I was ready to get started.

So what happened?

Well, the engine started to fail after Joe got it back in the shop.

The first thing that happened was the oil pump came apart.

The other thing that occurred was the fuel pump came off and all the electrical components were starting to fail.

I started calling Joe and asking him to help me get the engine back together, but he didn’t want me to do it on my own.

He had to send someone out to do repairs, and so I had no choice