The bike that will replace the BMW R2600 in 2018

A modified BMW R2500 will be available for the 2018 model year, according to the company.

The bike was unveiled on Wednesday by the head of BMW R& Automotive, Dieter Zetsche, as part of a promotional event for the new model year.

Zetschel said the new bike was developed for the company’s “R&amp: Automotive Vision 2025”, a 2025 vision that calls for an increased focus on innovation and sustainable mobility.

It was revealed at the same event that BMW will be unveiling the R2640.

The company is already offering a R2650 and R2660, and it is also developing a new version of the R2700.

Zettl said the R2550 is aimed at people who commute daily, while the R2800 and R2750 are aimed at those who don’t.

“It will be a good bicycle for a commuter who wants to get away from their home and commute in a different way, as well as a commuter for those who want to live on the road but want to travel less and stay on the move more,” he said.

BMW is offering a range of options for its R26 series of bikes, including the R2400 and the R2500.

It will be interesting to see how the new BMW R2500 fares compared to the R2300, the R2100 and even the R1900.

The new bike is due for release in 2019.