Harley Davidson will launch a new motorcycle modification in 2018

The Harley Davidson motorcycle is still alive and kicking, but its not getting any younger.

In fact, the Harley Davidson owner company announced Tuesday that it will launch its new, larger and faster version of its iconic Road King, known as the Road King X, in 2018.

While the new motorcycle will be a bit larger than the original Road King that came out in 2010, the new model will retain the iconic shape of the original and it will get a more powerful engine, along with a much more comfortable ride.

The new Road King will be available in two models, the Adventure and the Roadster.

It will also get the new engine that is now used in the RoadKing X, which is called the Supercharged 2.

For 2017, Harley Davidson also added a new version of the Classic Harley Davidson.

This model, which will be called the Classic, is also a bit smaller than the Adventure model and it also gets a new engine called the Harley-Davidson V-Twin.

Both models will get new exterior colors, the colors of the Road and Classic, as well as new body colors.

The Adventure will get the Road Green and Classic Black paint jobs.

You can read all about the new Harley Davidson models in our feature, The New Harley Davidson, below.

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