Which dirt bike modifications are legal?

Updated May 22, 2018 08:06:52 The NHL will begin testing dirt bikes and dirt-rimmed tires in the first week of June.

The league is making the changes with a $25,000 donation to the National Urban League, a nonprofit that provides recreational recreational activities to low-income youth and families.

The NHL also announced Wednesday that it will provide a free $2.5 million grant to the League’s Community Development Fund, which helps support urban youth sports.

The League says it will use the funds to upgrade youth sports facilities and expand programming and activities at youth-led sports events.

The new dirt bike rules go into effect June 1.

“The sport of dirt bike racing has become a very popular pastime among youth and adults across the nation,” NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly said in a statement.

“We’re excited to be a part of the National Sport and Youth League, which will bring the sport back to life in communities around the country and in the greater hockey community.”

The National Urban Football League has the dirt bike and dirt bike accessory rules.

The NFL, which has the most dirt-bike teams in the country, also has rules on helmet use and a rule against the use of speed bumpers on the back of the dirt bikes.