Mangalore’s Assault Bike Modification

Mangalo, the Mangalorean mayor who won the 2015 presidential election, has announced that he’s going to make the bikes for the national team available for purchase, as he wants to show that they are affordable for anyone to buy.

According to Il Gazzetta dello Sport, the mayor plans to sell the bikes to the local bicycle repair shop.

He’s also hoping to get more people to get their hands on them, as well as to promote the sport.

The mayor said that he would also like to promote biking as a means of recreation and a way to build a community.

The Mangalos also have plans to make a bike available for public consumption.

“We’re not afraid to take on big projects, so it’s great to see the city with this initiative,” he said.

The bikes are said to be the result of the mayor’s extensive cycling experience.

They have an integrated electronic control system, a fully-automatic power-assisted brake, a shock mount and a front handlebar with a dual-bar suspension.

Mangalo will also be donating the bikes in order to promote bicycle safety.

He has also launched a crowdfunding campaign for the bikes, which has already raised over 10,000 euros ($11,500).