BMW Sportswear announces bike exhaust modifications, assault bike modifications

BMW Sportwear has announced the addition of an exhaust modification to the new Assault Bike.

The new version, dubbed the V1, will feature an enlarged exhaust port that can fit the new V3 platform.

The exhaust is mounted on the lower rear wheel, with a unique front vent on the right side of the rear wheel.

This will be a new feature for BMW Sportbikes.

The V1 will be available in the U.S. and Europe this fall.

The V1 is a bit larger than the previous V1 and features an enlarged rear exhaust port.

The rear exhaust is slightly larger, but the exhaust is not nearly as wide, so the exhaust does not reach as far as it would on the V2.

It is still taller than the rear exhaust, but there is a wider gap between the exhaust and the exhaust housing.

The hood is slightly longer, and there is some extra clearance for the tailgate.

The bike is fitted with the new BMW Sport Performance suspension, which uses the BMW E30-V2 platform and has new dampers.

There are new components including a coilover, a new shock and a larger rear shock.

The BMW V1 comes in two versions: the new and standard.

The standard model is a 1,440-pound bike with a 6-speed transmission, while the new version weighs 1,400 pounds and comes with a 5-speed, 3-speed and 6-speeds.

The 5-speed version has a new aluminum crank, and the 4-speeder version has aluminum rims and a new seatpost with an integrated LED taillight.

The new V1 also features an updated battery pack with a new lithium ion battery.

This adds more range to the bike and makes the bike lighter and more responsive.

The engine has been upgraded to the BMW 8-cylinder, which produces more power and torque.

It’s available in both 9- and 10-speed transmissions, but both have a manual gearbox.

The company also announced the introduction of a new rear shock, which is a shock mounted on a steel tube.

The shock is rated for 70 mph and can be mounted on either the 9- or 10-spoke tires.

The lower shock also has an integrated brake, which means the bike can be ridden with a manual or an automatic transmission.

The suspension has been updated with new materials, including a carbon fiber fork, which adds stiffness to the fork.

It also has a more responsive front brake.

The suspension is made of carbon fiber, which reduces weight and adds stability to the frame.

The front suspension also has adjustable dampers and an integrated shock absorber.

The frame has been redesigned for comfort, with new seatstays and a revised seatpost.

The rear suspension also features adjustable damping.

This is adjustable in increments, with the higher setting being the lowest setting.

This gives the rider the ability to adjust the damping on the bike without changing the bike itself.

The brakes have also been upgraded, with BMW’s latest SuperDynamics ABS system.

The system can handle up to 200 pounds of torque.

The bike is equipped with an all-new electric motor.

The battery pack has been replaced with a lithium ion-ion battery, and new electronics, such as a torque converter, have been installed.

The battery pack also features a new transmission, the V-2, which has a gearbox with a shift lever, and is also a new battery for the front suspension.

The shift lever allows the driver to select either the 6- or 9-speed gearbox in the shift position.

The transmission is also equipped with a drive train that can be modified to match the bike.

This allows the rider to make up to three-quarters of a second off the time it takes to complete a full stop.

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