What to do with a bike that was once a ‘bike engine modification’

It is hard to believe the original idea for this bike came about in 2013, but it did. 

The idea came from a friend, a young engineer named Justin.

Justin was passionate about motorcycles, and he wanted to build a bike he could race. 

So, in 2015, he took the first steps to make a bike for his friends.

The result is the 2015 Yamaha V-Strom. 

Justin had originally designed a frame and forks to be the most traditional bike, with a stock rear shock, no front brakes, and only a standard front suspension. 

But the idea didn’t die. 

When he started his own bike company in 2017, he realized that a bike with a modified frame and fork would give him a chance to build something more unique. 

A friend suggested that Justin take the V-Series off the shelf, and build the bike in-house. 

As soon as Justin had a bike built, he immediately realized that he wanted it to be a custom bike. 

“I wanted to take a custom frame, and customize it to my liking,” Justin told us.

“It had to be something that would have my own personal style, but also look and feel like my bike.

So, that’s what I started doing.” 

The V-strom is a completely original bike, but we know that it’s not your average bike.

Justin designed the frame, fork, and seatposts with his friend Chris, who was already a huge fan of custom bikes. 

They began by fitting the frames to a frame that had been modified, and then they made the seat and handlebars from scratch. 

Then they made a set of custom components that they called the “Bikeset.” 

“The bike was originally designed as a fork with a front derailleur mounted on a V-twin,” Justin explained.

“We then took this fork and modified it so it had a rear shock with a bolt on the front of the shock, and a bolt and nut on the rear of the fork.” 

Once they got the bike set up, they installed their new shock, seat, and handlebar and rode it. 

At first, they thought they would be building a bike like an old race bike, and they would never be able to compete.

But then, they noticed the power. 

That was the beginning of Justin’s passion for the V, and the result of the love for motorcycles. 

Over the course of the last few years, Justin’s love for custom motorcycles has grown.

He is now a member of the Harley-Davidson Performance Team and has been building bikes for a couple of years. 

In the past, Justin has built custom bikes for people like the likes of Harley Davidson, Ducati, and Harley-Martin. 

He even built a custom version of a Triumph V-14 that he raced in 2016, and that was so impressive, he got a Harley-Chassis in 2018. 

If you want to see what a bike can look like built from scratch, check out Justin’s new custom V-series at the Harley Museum. 

What are the best bike parts to keep on your bike? 

The best bike part is the seat, Justin said. 

Bike seat, seatpost, and bar stock, stock seat, stock handlebar, and stock brakes are the most common bike parts you’ll need to keep the V off the ground. 

And don’t forget the forks, wheels, and tires. 

I’ve heard of people building bikes from scratch using stock forks and wheels, but Justin says it’s really important to make sure you have the right parts. 

Don’t forget to wear some protection, too. 

You need to have at least a $10,000 bike insurance policy for your bike, Justin says. 

Another great way to keep your bike looking good is to have a motorcycle body shop. 

There are many companies that specialize in making custom bikes, and Justin has found a great place to get your custom parts.

If you can’t find a motorcycle shop that specializes in custom motorcycles, you can still do a lot of damage to your bike.

Justin is also building a custom motorcycle for the US Olympic Team.

He will be racing the bike at the 2020 Winter Olympics, and it will be a real highlight of the event.