How to bike modified bike

A group of Queensland cyclists have created a customised bicycle to offer a bike repair shop an alternative to buying a used bike.

The unique bike is the work of bike mechanic, Jason Tindall and is made of steel and aluminium and features a built-in lock.

“It’s a lot more functional than buying a bike because it doesn’t have a handlebar, so you don’t have to think about how to use the handlebars,” Mr Tindill said.

“The only thing that you have to do is adjust the pedals and everything else is very easy.”

The custom bike has a built in lock so you can lock it in place with the lock, while also being able to access the battery compartment.

Mr Tindell said it was more functional because the lock is a lock, instead of a key, and you can adjust it using a switch or lever.

“I think you’ll find it easier to do things with it, you can easily unlock it and it’ll just work, it’s very simple,” he said.

He said he hoped the bike would help other bike repair shops in Queensland, who had been left behind by other companies that sold used bikes.

“People are just spending $300 or $400 dollars to buy a used bicycle, when you can just get a bike and make your own,” he explained.

“There’s not enough money in the world to buy an old bike that you can get a new one.”

The bike was made to be easy to operate, and was designed to be able to take on water and wind and can also be operated with a smartphone app.

Mr Hagg said the bike was a good option for those looking to make their own customised bike.

“A lot of people do buy bikes and they have a problem with them being locked in, so they have to use a lock and all that kind of stuff,” he told 7.30.

“This is a little more user friendly, it’ll fit into your pocket, it will fit into a car, you’ll never have to take it off.”

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