How to make your own nepal modification bike

By now you’ve probably heard about the Yamaha modification bike from the recent viral video, “Bike modification is real”.

The nepal is a custom bike that has been created by Yamaha to replace a broken and worn wheel with a modified one that is much more forgiving for all kinds of riding styles.

While the nepal’s original wheels are made from rubber, it’s custom made with anodized aluminum and titanium to match the neps’ original paint scheme.

Yamaha says that the nep’s frame has been modified to reduce the rear tire pressure, while its fork has been made from carbon fiber, so it’s less likely to puncture.

The bike’s price tag is quite steep, at $7,499, but it’s available for purchase through Yamaha’s online shop.

In a recent interview with BikeRadar, Yamaha founder and CEO Yohei Yoshida said the bike’s popularity stems from its ability to “transform any road, mountain, or road race rider into a racer”.

We’d love to see the nepel become a regular part of the road race bike scene, especially since it’s been a mainstay of the Kawasaki Ninja 650 for some time now.

In addition to the nepetal, Yamaha has also announced the nepella, a carbon fork fork that is also available.

While this fork is not a nepal, it still sports a carbon seatpost and a carbon stem, which makes it slightly less forgiving than the nepa.

The nepellas price tag has also increased from $1,995 to $2,000.

It’s also worth noting that Yamaha’s nepal has been available since 2015, so its likely that the fork will be available for at least another year or so.

Source: BikeRadr