Toronto Maple Leafs are trying to get back on track with their spin bike program

TORONTO – The Toronto Maple Leaf organization is in talks with a handful of manufacturers to offer a variety of wheel designs and parts to its players.

The Leafs are looking to increase its wheel design selection from a limited pool of 17 to more than 50 for its players, with a goal of eventually creating a full wheel kit for each player.

While the NHL is the main market for wheel design modifications, the league has no formal rule or regulations to guide wheel manufacturers to provide parts and accessories to their players.

One of the teams looking to add wheel design parts to their products is the Columbus Blue Jackets, who recently announced they would add an LED light to the front of the skates of their players to alert them of impending icing.

They will offer these LED lights to all players at some point in the near future.

The Blue Jackets have a number of wheel modifications in the works, including a new, LED-based wheel design that has already received some attention from NHL officials.

In a recent interview with, Blue Jackets GM Jarmo Kekalainen said that while he does not have a formal wheel design program in place yet, the Blue Jackets are exploring the possibility of a wheel for players at a later date.

He said the team is “actively looking at wheel options and making a final decision,” but did not provide further details.