The new, low-cost ‘pulsars’ will cost just $100,000 and are likely to be the cheapest bike ever made

A new generation of electric bikes could be cheap enough to replace some of Australia’s most iconic vehicles, as a new generation hits the market.

Key points:Bikes are still a few years away from being mass-producedBut the potential to make the vehicles more fuel-efficient could see them replace the likes of the Nissan Leaf and Honda CR-VThe new bikes will cost about $100k each and could be the first electric bikes to hit the market in decadesThe bikes, which are still in their early stages of development, are expected to cost about the same as a Nissan Leaf or a Honda CRV, with the potential for them to be much cheaper.

The bikes are designed to be lightweight and fuel efficient, but the main selling point is that they will not need to be refueled in the same way petrol-powered bikes do.

Bikes have become a popular option in Australia for people who want to reduce their carbon footprint but still enjoy the convenience of a bike.

But the bikes are still years away and it could take many years for manufacturers to produce them.

The cost of a new electric bike would fall from about $10,000 to about $8,000, with it likely to become a more affordable alternative to petrol-electric hybrids.

“We are in the early stages and it’s still a very young market, and I’m not aware of any companies in Australia that are making any bikes at this point,” Peter Stoll, head of business development for the Australian Bicycle Industry Association (ABCA), said.

What makes this bike different?

“There’s a lot of potential in that,” Mr Stoll said.

“It’s a really exciting technology, it’s a new technology, and it looks great.”

“It looks to be very cheap to manufacture, it looks to fit in your pocket.

This will allow you to have a bike that will be much more fuel efficient.”

It could also see the first bikes powered by solar energy come to market in Australia.

Solar energy has the potential of being cheaper than petrol-based energy, but it needs a very special design to be suitable for vehicles.

It’s not the first time the ABC has looked at solar power.

There’s also a battery-powered electric bike that was built by the Australian manufacturer Batteries International, and there are plans to build one in the next couple of years.

Bike modifications would also be cheaper than other ways to modify an electric bike.

The new cars in the world The latest models from BMW, Audi and Tesla are all powered by electric engines, and are currently the world’s best-selling cars.

However, a new version of the Model 3, due to go on sale in 2021, is expected to be lighter than previous models.

In Australia, the new electric bikes would be a cheaper alternative to fuel-powered cars.

“We’re not going to see a mass-market electric vehicle,” Mr Barrows said.

“There will be a number of people out there who want a bike.”

“There will also be people who are looking for a bicycle.”

If you have a bicycle, you’re probably going to want to buy a new bike, so it’s certainly a more attractive alternative.


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