How to install a new bike pump

NEW YORK (AP) If you like to get up early in the morning and ride your bike all day, you’re going to need a bike pump.

New York City’s Department of Transportation (DOT) says the pump has become so popular that it has expanded to include bike racks and parking garages.DOT says that since it was first installed last year, the pump’s popularity has grown by a staggering 300 percent.

In one city, it’s now in 7,500 garages, the agency says.

That’s according to a DOT spokesperson, who says there are now around 5,000 pumps in operation in New York, with a few hundred more in operation around the country.

The agency says the pumps have made the streets safer for cyclists, pedestrians, drivers and other road users.

It’s part of DOT’s plan to modernize the city’s infrastructure to improve safety, improve quality of life and create a safer city.