This is the ‘Dazzler’ bike modification kit, which will cost Rs 10,000 and will allow you to modify your own bike

In a move that is likely to rile up a few vested interests, a new “Dazzlers” bike modification simulator has been launched by a team of professionals working for the Indian government.

The Dazzlers program, which is meant to help people who are in the process of modifying their own bikes, has been designed by a group of dedicated professional cyclists and will be launched on Wednesday.

The Dazzler kit will allow users to customize their bike, including adding a “dazzle” effect to the wheels.

The software will allow for easy installation and control.

The makers of the Dazzle Bike Simulator say that the program will help people find a way to make their own bike more visually appealing.

“This is an excellent program that will make people more aware of the various options available to them,” said Shri Aravind, director of the project.

“If they want to improve the appearance of their bike they can use a variety of techniques.

If they want a light, bright look they can put a lamp on it.

If you want a more refined look, they can add a few different lights on it,” he said.

“The idea is to help them understand all the options available and also give them a visual reference that they can take into the workshop.”

The Dazler program is an initiative of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) that was launched in April last year.

It aims to bring more people to the bike sharing system, which has been a growing business in India.

MoRTH, however, has so far struggled to maintain its existing bike sharing model.